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May 9 to 11, 2024


Hi! I'm Jase Souder. A World-Class Speaker Trainer...

When you do a live event with me, you’ll get high-energy coaching program and speaker training that leverages your focus so you can pay attention to exactly what is required to reach mastery and scale your business.

I have been speaking for 20 years and have seen dramatic shifts in the industry in the last few years. There are many concepts that translate whether you are in person or virtual.

With an unmatched track record of helping clients just like you achieve success in speaking, no matter what's going on in the world, I know how to lead you to substantial growth.

With the help of the incredible guest speakers, you’ll leave How to Sell From Stage: The Virtual Event with more confidence and a new direction for your business.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs change the world by becoming World Class Speakers who create massive impact, raving fans, and a rush of new clients with every presentation. 


In order to generate massive growth - you need

to start crushing it on stage!


" $20,000 At My First Speaking Event! "

I keep telling Jase he's America's best-kept secret as a speaker trainer.

Natalie Lavelock

Natalie Lavelock Coaching and Consulting

And there are many stages that you could be a part of.

And first, know this:

You have a message to share ✨

People need you and what you offer the world 💥

You can create more visibility... even in uncertain times 👀

You just need the right tools to effectively speak and sell from stage so you can see immediate results

When you join Host To Sell From Stage: The Virtual Event, you will get a strategic and proven method to help you become:

✅ A great presenter who is compelling, knows body movement, and delivers with passion.

✅ A great presenter that has a strategy in the presentation, scripts for success, and speaks to the subconscious of the audience.

✅ A great presenter that is of service, tells stories that touch the heart, evokes emotion, and inspires the audience to take action.

✅ A great presenter that changes lives and makes a difference, leaving all involved richer for the experience.

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